Fresh Vegetables

Crunchy capsicums, appetising asparagus, leafy lettuces, tasty tomatoes….   That healthy addition to balance every meal should come from the Vegetable department of Peaches.  Our valued customers are spoilt all year round with choices from our flavoursome range of fresh vegetables. Surprise your dinner guests with not only your ability to cook, but also with a scrumptious cauliflower and broccoli salad or creamy mashed potatoes alongside that tender cut of meat or fresh fish, all purchased from Peaches.

Fresh Fruit

If it’s crisp new season apples, sweet juicy watermelon or just excellent quality fruit you seek, then look no further than the humidity controlled fruit fridges at Peaches. Our experienced buyers are dedicated to ensuring the quality of our produce is exactly as it was picked. Ordering and market pickups are carried out everyday to guarantee this freshness.

What’s New

You may have noticed a few changes at Peaches.  We have recently undergone re-branding and have renovated the store interior.  Staff members are proud to be wearing our smart, new uniforms with our new logo Peachy.  A change in colour and shop layout has enhanced the Peaches shopping environment so our customers can locate products more conveniently.

All our fruit and vegetables are kept in state of the art cooling fridges to ensure maximum freshness.  The recent installation of this new technology with intermittent water misting allows the vegetables to stay fresher for longer and the fruit to remain in a temperature similar to that of the crisper in your very own fridge at home.

Peaches is also embracing the future of sustainable living and would like to encourage your shopping choices to do the same.  We are researching cost effective ways of using Biodegradable packaging instore.  Keep your eyes open for further initiatives.