Located in South Fremantle, Peaches is one of the largest green grocers in WA that stocks all fresh and organic produce! Peaches are always the first at the markets each morning to choose the freshest and best quality fruit and vegetables for you.

Over the years, Peaches has adapted to provide their customers with what they want. There’s a shift in thinking now, people are more aware of what they are putting in their bodies, they want healthy, organic food. Peaches listened to what you want! Now they source the best organic delicacies from amazingly rich chocolates to sharp cheeses to refreshing coconut water.

Peaches understands that everyone has different dietary needs. In Australia, the number of people with Coeliac Disease is increasing – it’s not just young children who suffer from it, 1 in 70 Australian’s have gluten intolerance. Peaches have a range of coeliac and other specialty foods for those with dietary problems.

Whether you’re looking for organic produce, intensely flavoured fruit and vegetables or something a bit different, Peaches has what you’re after!

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