Product of the Month – Matcha Brew

Matcha has gained traction in the tea-drinking and specialty food communities as a metabolism and energy booster, delicious additive to food, and next-level ice cream flavour. However, this delicious tea powder really stands out in liquid form – perhaps most relevant in Peaches’ Product of the Month for March, Matcha Brew.

Matcha Brew manufactures an awesome range of delicious matcha-based drinks that offer an alternative to coffee or normal tea drinks, containing a slower-release caffeine. This provides a slower, sustained release of energy throughout the day, rather than the all-too-familiar buzz and crash of other caffeinated beverages. Known as “Theophylline”, a standard 2g serve of matcha contains 70mg of Theophylline, and also contains EGCG (a powerful antioxidant), 137 times more than is found in Green Tea. The presence of the sheer volume of this antioxidant renders matcha an incredibly powerful and rich product, exemplified by its popularity in recent times.

Matcha Brew’s lineup of drinks available at Peaches is sure to have something for everyone, and each of them contain all the benefits of matcha you’d expect. Naturally, Matcha Brew feature an Original Matcha drink, with a traditional taste featuring 2.2 grams of ceremonial grade matcha, ideal for increased focus, enhanced metabolism and the suppression of stress hormones. Peppermint Matcha also makes the lineup, offering digestive benefits and antioxidants to go with the refreshing taste. Getting into the cold and flu season in the coming months, the Lemongrass and Ginger Matcha Brew is great for the immune system and digestion, and of course still contains all the superior antioxidants found in every Matcha Brew beverage. For a sweeter drink, Apple & Cinnamon provides vitality and anti-inflammatory properties; and Berry & Hibiscus is perfect for longevity. With all that variety – you might just have to try all of them…

Perhaps the most palpable effect of drinking matcha is the improved concentration and focus it brings. L-theanine, a rare amino acid found in matcha, promotes a state of relaxed alertness, aiding concentration without overwhelming the brain with too much energy. It achieves this by creating alpha-waves in the brain, rather than the more agitating and stress-inducing beta-waves. Matcha contains up to 5 times more L-theanine than common black and green tea, hence it’s lack of nervous-energy side effects found with its regular tea counterparts. Also, matcha can improve memory recall and learning ability, delivered through its concentration-boosting function and the way it promotes clarity of mind. This makes matcha-based drinks perfect for an afternoon boost, and a worthy study companion.

The history of matcha dates back as far as the Tang dynasty in China (618-907 A.D.). Since then, Zen Buddhist monks have appreciated matcha for its alertness and relaxation properties, aiding in meditation. A global resurgence has brought back more common consumption, especially with baking and drinks, where both the health benefits and refreshing taste of matcha can shine. As far as production is concerned, Japan and China lead the way, and Matcha Brew source their product from Nishio in the Aichi prefecture of Japan. This has ensured the highest quality matcha is used for their beverage range, and you can definitely taste the quality.

Whether it’s cutting down on coffee, wanting a new source of energy in the morning or you’re just after a new taste experience, come on down and check out Matcha Brew. Amazing taste, packed full of antioxidants and a sustainable release of energy – what more could you want in a drink? The expertly-crafted range of Matcha Brew drinks are definitely worth a go, and are worthy recipients of the spotlight in Peaches Fresh Food’s Product of the Month for March 2017.