It’s Detox Time

Google the word ‘detox’ and you’ll find literally millions of ideas on how to cleanse your body and mind. But instead of rummaging through all the ridiculous articles about miracle teas that are really laxatives in pretty packaging, we’ve come up with our own little how-to on detoxing that won’t leave your body devoid of all nutrients and energy, but will instead leave you feeling refresh, energised and the healthiest you’ve felt in a long time.

Instead, we think that the focus of any detox should be on quality, fresh food and drinks that nurture and nourish your body, to leave you feeling like a whole new you.

With any detox, diet, exercise regime or change in lifestyle, your body will take time to adjust.

The first three or so days will no doubt be the hardest, and we’re only human so we’ll most probably feel like giving up. But push through! Once you get through those first few days, you’ll wake up feeling like you could do it forever.

Think about what you’d like out of your detox. If your end goal is to shed those Christmas kilos, make sure you’re watching your portion sizes. If you’re just looking to start the year off on the right foot, incorporate exercise and meditation into your routine. Decide how long you’d like to detox for. Will you detox for one week or a month? Most importantly, keep your overall health in mind. There’s no need to starve when there’s plenty of nutrient-rich food available to you!

Here are our top tips on how to get started on your post-holiday detox.

Processed Food/Refined Sugars

This is a big one, guys. This is where you’ll feel the change. For the duration of your detox, say goodbye to processed food and drinks like fast food, canned or frozen food, processed meats and packaged snacks. We’re going natural. A good way to think about this is, if it’s fresh out of the ground or off a tree, it’s good to eat. In terms of protein, steer clear of cured meats and stick to organic, fresh meat. And say goodbye to refined sugars, meaning lollies and chocolate (sorry!) are out the door.

Go Organic

It’s currently trending, which means that going organic is easier than ever. Organic produce is taking over! This is a really important aspect of your detox as it eliminates all those hidden nasties in your foods, like additives and preservatives, and boosts your body up with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3s. Plus it’s great for the environment and livestock!

Switch Out Your Coffee

So you’ve just got back from holidays and you’re thinking there’s no way we’re convincing you to give up your morning coffee. We’re here to tell you that there are much healthier ways to get that exact same caffeine kick! Try organic teas that are packed with caffeine like green or oolong, or get adventurous and try a Kombucha tea that’s organic and fermented.

Natural Fibre

We understand if you’re not into cutting your carbs completely, and quite frankly, there’s no need to. Carbohydrates are an essential part of any diet as a source of long-lasting energy. The key here is to eat the right kinds. Go for wholegrains only, like brown rice, multigrain bread, quinoa and oatmeal.

So let’s get started! Head down to Peaches Fresh Food now for endless options for fresh and organic produce that will make your detox that much easier. If you have any questions about our products, ask one of our friendly staff members for advice.