Gluten Myths Busted!

There is a common misconception that gluten intolerance and coeliac disease is the same thing. However, we are here to bust this myth!


Please explain…


Having a gluten intolerance (or a non-coeliac gluten sensitivity as it sometimes called) causes a stress response in the body and will result in discomfort from eating gluten- however it is not a disease.  Because it is not a disease, people who suffer from intolerance to gluten may not get officially diagnosed.

Coeliac disease on the other hand is an inherited autoimmune disorder that will stay with you throughout your life. This makes for a lengthy process to be diagnosed.

When a person with coeliac disease eats gluten, the gluten causes an abnormal immune response, which damages the lining of the small intestines walls. This can reduces the small intestines ability to absorb nutrients and can often result in malnutrition.  If a person with this disease continues to go undiagnosed, they may become very ill.

Both sufferers from gluten intolerance and coeliac disease will feel significantly better once they cut gluten out of their diet.

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The basics…

This may seem obvious to some, but many people don’t know where gluten comes from… gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and any foods that contain those grains!

Some of the main foods that must be avoided if you suffer from coeliac disease or gluten intolerance include:

Bread, cakes, pasta, noodles, biscuits, crackers, cereals, beer and many more!


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While we are talking gluten free, we need to introduce you to the amazing Martine from ‘Chomp Chomp’. Martine has made not let her intolerance get in the way of her pasion for food, and is a local Perth, gluten free blogger. She has some amazing photos to check out and heaps of places you can safely go out for dinner, so have a look here! 


To sum up

Surprising fact: many gluten free products often contain more sugar and fats to hide the “gluten free” taste, so you may need to bear this in mind if your counting calories!

Another fun fact: many people will feel better for reducing the amount of gluten in their diet, so if you are feeling like gluten might be causing you problems then try it out.



We loved this post from Buzzfeed about  people who are actually gluten free are tired are hearing…

I can’t live without bread

Can’t you just cheat?

Do you miss pasta? Do you miss pizza? Do you miss cake?

Our favourite… Are you just doing it because it’s trendy?