Is Organic Food REALLY better?

You will be hard pressed to find a consumer, manufacturer or farmer who will argue with the benefits of organic food. Looking at a variety of studies from the last few years, the research clearly demonstrates that organics promotes good health.

Researchers from the Newcastle University in England recently analysed 343 peer reviewed publications on organic food research to find a definitive answer to the age old question: is organic food REALLY better for you? Their answer is yes!

After gathering this research, they found that organic food contains 20-40% more antioxidants than food grown with pesticides. Antioxidants fight free radicals in your body – a nasty by product of oxidation in the body that has been linked to DNA mutations that can cause certain disease like Parkinson’s. So what does a 40% antioxidant boost mean? Well, that’s essentially like eating two extra pieces of fruit or vegetables each day but without the extra calories!

There are some who argue that the extra cost of organic food isn’t really worth it. But when you look at the statistics, you’re buying more nutritional value for less servings so if you’re comparing nutrition to servings, you could potentially be spending the same or even less on organics than you would on regularly grown food!



Potatoes are a winter staple, with their warm, starchy goodness to keep you content during the cold nights. But it’s all too easy to get stuck in a potato rut. What many people don’t realise is that there are so many alternative vegetables to use in place of potato to change up your winter dinners!

1. Zucchini

Everyone loves a hearty breakfast on a chilly morning and a big breakfast is nothing without a golden hash brown. Substitute your potatoes with zucchini for a spin on a breakfast classic! With Food and Love have a tasty recipe for your mornings. See the recipe here.

Zucchini Hash

2. Cauliflower

There’s something very comforting about a helping of mash potatoes – although too much can leave you in a carbohydrate coma! Mashed cauliflower is a delicious alternative. You couldn’t tell the difference, plus it’s got more of all the good stuff, like antioxidants and vitamins and less carbs! Dashing Dish have this scrumptious Whipped Cauliflower recipe for you to try tonight for dinner!

Whipped Cauliflower

3. Parsnips

Some crunchy chips is a guilty pleasure we all indulge in from time to time. Parsnip chips roasted in the oven are a much healthier alternative! Check out Bon Appetit’s tasty treats here.

Parsnip chips

If you have any other winter warmer veggie treats, share them with us on Facebook!