Product of the month! Wild Foodies

Here at Peaches we understand that food is good for the soul and the body! Which is why Wild Foodies is one of our favourites. Their story as a healthy food provider goes back to the 70’s when people used to line up to take home their variety of gourmet soups and salads. After nearly 35 years in the business they have been exploring the best ways to deliver the healthiest options to their customers and now to our Peaches family. Our current favourite is their range of soups, which let’s face it… during the colder months is the best!

So, what’s the story behind these great products? The soups from Wild Foodies are really just genuinely amazing products. This is due to the produce used to make them. All ingredients are sourced from the freshest farm gate produce and believe us, you can taste the difference. In addition to this all ingredients that go into the soups are 100% natural. By only using natural ingredients you don’t need to worry about any nasty artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. It’s just all natural ingredients shining through and making the soups taste amazing. We find that especially as people become more health conscious it is key to know that our food is nourishing our bodies and that all the ingredients are going to be working overtime for us.

The impressiveness of these soups doesn’t just stop at the ingredients. The cooking process also makes them a standout. A special slow cooking method is used to retain the nutrients from all of the ingredients. Standard cooking processes generally overcook foods and leads to minimal amounts of nutrients being retained! Soup is also a great way to increase vegetable consumption, with many people struggling to get their daily five, soup sure does make it a little easier! Additional we love soups because they allow for us to be warmed from the inside and provide a filling and comforting meal. With all of the Wild Foodies soups you can be guaranteed to be providing your body with wholesome ingredients that will be benefiting you for hours to come.

If the above hasn’t sold you on why these soups are so great, this little fun fact will. There is a strict no wastage policy at Wild Foodies. This means that every aspect of the ingredients is used. Meals are strictly made to order making wastage nearly non-existent. Any items that do become left overs are donated to charity or returned back to the producer to become delicious compost. For us at Peaches we understand the importance of zero wastage and seeing one of our suppliers so dedicated to making it a reality is really top-quality stuff.

Have we tempted you enough yet? Because our tastebuds are jumping for joy at the thought of a Wild Foodies soup! Come on down and try our variety of Wild Foodies soups today and don’t forget to let us know which flavour is your favourite.

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