Introducing our guest blogger… Soa “The Hulk” Palelei!

We’ve been a huge fan of Soa “The Hulk” Palelei, UFC fighter and heavy weight champion, for quite some time and we were thrilled to find out that he was a fan of us too! Soa has visited us at Peaches a few times to pick up organic, healthy foods and wanted to share his experiences with health with you here:


You can boost your mood with food easily by using super foods that enhance brain chemistry. Having said that eating well has been made to seem so complicated. Everyday there is a new magic diet and people get confused and not know what to eat and more importantly where to get it from!

As an athlete I have refined what my diet consists of but it is different with each individual. I say you need to listen to your body no one can really tell you what to eat. We are all highly unique individuals and there is no “one size fits all” diet like most fads would have you believe. Your body communicates with you when you are eating appropriately or not. You just need to listen.

I don’t believe there is one right diet that fits for all people. We are all unique individuals with unique needs. Everybody’s body is different. A diet that may work for someone else may not work for you. I believe it’s important to develop a way of eating over time that is maintainable for the long-term, not just to lose a few pounds and then return to our old habits. With myself being a heavy weight I knew I needed to find and stick with something that was going to sustain me.

When I joined Crossfit I was introduced to Paleo and since then I have stuck by it, Paleo is essentially the caveman diet – you can eat anything a caveman would! That’s a lot of meat, grains and vegetables that help me stay healthy and I’m not restricted to portions – which is great because I’m a big guy and I like to eat but I eat healthy.

Certain things where hard to come across but I was able to get it all at Peaches Fresh Food Market. Peaches Fresh Food Market is a one stop shop for all you’re after, whether you’re looking for organic produce, intensely flavoured fruit and vegetables or something a bit different, Peaches has what you’re after.

Many people complain to me that they can’t buy fresh, organic food because it’s too expensive. Which isn’t the case everywhere some places feel the need to hike up the price as soon as the label ‘gluten free’ or ‘organic’ is used but Peaches don’t do that! They have well priced items and item that are imported and you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere.

-Soa “The Hulk” Palelei


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Hear me RAW!

One of the most exciting current fresh food trends is the push towards organic, raw food. When we say ‘raw food’, we mean organic food that is unprocessed or uncooked, so it retains much more nutritional value and natural enzymes that are typically destroyed during the cooking process. Feeling tired? A raw food diet will give you the energy you need, keep your mind clear, and encourage general well being.

The best part about all of this is that there are plenty of delicious raw food recipes, some of which may surprise you! We really like this easy recipe for spicy kale chips by the Raw Food Kitchen!
Spicy Kale Chips

1 bunch Kale

2 Tablespoons Red Thai Curry Paste (make sure its free from additives and preservatives)

1/2 cup of Tahini

4 tablespoons of Tamari

Juice of whole lemon

Water to thin the mix

1/2 teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt

3 squirts Stevia

1 teaspoon Sesame Oil



Combine all the ingredients except the Kale into a bowl and stir to combine. If mixture is too thick, add water to thin. De-stem the kale and shred or tear the leaves off into large bite sized pieces, and place into bowl with sauce ingredients.

Massage the ingredients into the kale until coated nicely. Spread kale out onto baking paper lined dehydrator sheets and dehydrate for 6 – 8 hours at 105°F.