Wine and Cheese? Yes Please!

Wine paired with the right Cheese can be a wonderful experience for you and your tastebuds. So we have put together a couple of suggestions for you to try now with what is the best picnic weather of the year!


A Brie cheese is creamy in texture with soft and buttery flavour is a match made in heaven with a dry and full body Chardonnay wine.


Gouda is a Dutch full flavoured cheese and is best eaten with a smooth Merlot wine. A Merlot is a delicious red variety, which is easy to drink. Yum!


A sharp Cheddar cheese is full of flavour, can be very “moreish” A cheddar is best with a sharp Cabernet Sauvignon.


The crisp and intense flavours of a Parmesan cheese will be delightful on most pallets- paired with Chianti will take your tastebuds to Tuscany. What an experience! Bellisimi!!


Blue cheese may not be to everyone’s liking, however this cheese comes to life with a Riesling.


Ricotta has such wonderful flavours, soft and delicate in its taste, it takes on an new identity when enjoyed with a Pinot Grigio.


Mozzarella, what a spectacular cheese, taste and consistency is something to be excited about. Mild in flavour, which is why when it comes to choosing a wine you cant go past a good quality Sauvignon Blanc.


Whether it be a dinner party with friends, a girls night in or you are simply trying to impress the in-laws, give these combinations a go and enjoy two guilty pleasures at once.cheeseboard