Peaches Product of the Month: Maggie Beer’s non-alcoholic wine

The silly season is just around the corner, and with it comes all those end of year work parties, family barbecues, sundowners with the friends and new year celebrations! Here at Peaches Fresh Food, we can’t wait to indulge in all the beautiful food and wine that comes with this time of year.

But looking ahead, one might get that sickly feeling of a hangover just at the thought of all the alcohol that’s sure to be consumed. Or that feeling of disappointment when you know you’ll be the designated driver and have to feign enthusiasm sipping sparkling water all afternoon. Well, fear no more, we’ve found the solution to your problem!


Maggie Beer’s range of non-alcoholic wine is our product of the month here at Peaches and we’re super excited to tell you all about them so that you’ll have no excuse to be without a beverage in hand over the festive season. The range includes a beautifully refreshing sparkling ruby Cabernet and a sparkling Chardonnay that will be the perfect complement to any event this season. Here’s the low-down on the perfect summer beverage.


Picture this: it’s a stinking hot 40-degree day in Perth. You’ve got Christmas lunch with the family, which means you’re spending the whole day outside with the kids running around and food and drinks flowing. What do you need to cool you down when you don’t want to commit to a day of heavy drinking? How about a non-alcoholic sparkling ruby Cabernet spritzer? The epitome of summer, to make this delicious drink, mix Maggie Beer’s sparkling ruby Cabernet with mineral water, pour over ice and finish with a sprig of crushed mint. Feel refreshed already? Not only is it non-alcoholic, there’s also no added sugar which we all know is a plus when bikini season is well underway. This wine is made from the juice of Cabernet grapes and you can expect aromas of rose petal and crushed strawberry, plus a crisp, dry finish with flavours of citrus and sour cherries.


Next scenario: everyone’s headed down to the beach today and you’ve drawn the short straw as designated driver. Everyone else has signed up for a big day of drinking summery, refreshing white wines to match all the fresh seafood you’ll be throwing on the barbie. So what’s in it for you? How about a glass or two of Maggie’s sparkling Chardonnay? Also non-alcoholic, so your reputation as designated driver will be kept intact, this wine is absolutely perfect to pair with all seafood, so while you’re throwing that shrimp on the barbie, you can enjoy a beautiful sparkling Chardonnay along with the rest of your mates.


It’s new year’s eve, the biggest night of drinking in the year for most, but perhaps not for those who are expecting! Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, there’s no need you can’t have a cheers at the countdown when you’ve got a glass of the sparkling ruby Cabernet in hand. Maggie says this wine “has the bead of Champagne and the mouth feel of a good wine”, making it the perfect drink to ring in the new year with! With this one, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on the celebrations at all!


And finally, the forever wild end-of-year work party. Too often we wake up the morning after, regretting that last glass of cheap wine, while you’re nursing a hangover and a hazy memory. Why not switch out those last few glasses of booze with a sparkling Chardonnay spritzer from Maggie’s range. Just add mineral water and pour over ice. Finish with a sprig of mint and you’ll not only be saving yourself from a nasty hangover the next morning, you’ll also be the only one on the team that will be able to recount all the hilarious embarrassing things everyone got up to the night before.


So there you go, our guide to surviving the holiday season in style and with taste. Maggie’s entire range is available at Peaches Fresh Food so you can kick off the summer the right way.