The Aquafaba Revolution

It’s certainly not easy to be vegan! We have so much respect for those who decide to take the journey down the vegan path whether it’s for health or ethical reasons, we understand that it can’t be easy cutting out all those refined sugary snacks and other animal products. While vegan cooking has come so far, there are a few food items that are hard to find substitutes for. We’re of course talking about eggs. There are some egg substitutes out there but usually they can be pretty expensive and requires a quick trip to the shops. So that’s why we’ve decided to help you out by sharing our new favourite and recently discovered tip to help make the lives of all vegans that little bit easier! We’re always trying to keep up with the latest food trends so that’s how we discovered that chickpea juice is actually the perfect alternative to eggs when making your favourite baked goods such as meringues, cakes and cookies. The best part of it all is that this vegan game changer can be easily found in your pantry or from a quick trip to Peaches!











Chickpea juice, also known as aquafaba is really simple to use in pretty much all your baked goods. Angel cake is the one exception so far, unfortunately those genius vegan chefs have still yet to perfect the art of this light cake without the use of eggs. The easiest use of this method is using the juice straight from the can, we recommend Bio Nature Organic Chick Peas and Capriccio Chick Peas both located in the canned good aisles at Peaches, and both will definitely get the job done. However some prefer making their own by slow cooking dried beans in water for a few hours until it turns to aquafaba. Depending on what dish you’re creating, most baking recipes usually require three tablespoons of aquafaba for every one egg used in the recipe.

While we’ve got you feeling inspired about this whole new path in cooking, check out one of our all-time favourite recipes for the perfect pavlova, by of course using chick pea juice instead of eggs!


This vegan revolution was created during an experiment with meringues where chef Goose Wohlt ended up whipping the liquid from chickpeas to create those absolutely beautiful stiff peeks which only used to come from the use of egg whites. Meringues aren’t the only desserts you can produce from chickpea juice; from macarons, brownies, fudge, most cakes, ice cream and mousses are just some of the wonderful creations that can come from this life changing method.cakeicecream