Get Fit for Summer

Here at Peaches, we’re all about a holistic approach to health, which is why we’ve decided to look into what we can all do to keep fit over the summer while we’ll no doubt be spending the majority of our time in a bikini.

Obviously, we’re obsessed with fresh produce, however we do understand that getting fit requires a little more than just switching out that junk food for fruit and veg. We believe it’s all about living a balanced lifestyle with a healthy mix of exercise and diet. So read on for our tips on how to get (and keep) that rockin’ summer bod you’ve always dreamed of!


You all know we love food here at Peaches, so we might as well kick off with the good stuff. When getting healthy, remember the old adage, ‘everything in moderation’. We think it’s pretty miserable to limit yourself only to certain healthy foods, so rather than doing that, work on portion control and focus on using the freshest ingredients to create your meals. Personal trainer and all around fitspo queen, Gill Hamersley, suggests getting back to nature rather than telling yourself no all the time. Gill says that “with nutrition, try and avoid things that come in a box.” It’s all about trying to make as much as you can from scratch so that you know that what you’re consuming is as fresh as possible and you’re not putting any hidden nasties into your body. Gill suggests building your meals around a variety of proteins, with a portion the size of your palm, and then adding your side of raw or cooked vegetables or wholegrains. A healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring, and you’ll find that there’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal and that the fresher your ingredients are, the better you’ll end up feeling.

And then comes that thing that most of us start out dreading: exercise. Trust us, it gets easier the longer you keep at it! Seeing as our mate Gill just ran 7 marathons in 7 days (what a legend), naturally we turned to her for some wise words on how to get started on that coveted bikini bod. She says to always remember the 3 “S”s of fitness: strength, stamina and suppleness. Strength and stamina are pretty self-explanatory, but Gill urges to not forget the last S, suppleness. Suppleness refers to stretching out those hard worked muscles to improve range of motion, flexibility and prevent injury. Aim to work out about 3-4 times a week but try to do something active every day. Our beautiful Perth climate makes this really easy, even a walk along the beach is a good way to get those legs moving and have a bit of a stretch on your rest days. Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Perth has heaps of fun alternatives to your stock standard workout. Why not give beachside yoga a go, or get a couple of mates together and look into a personal trainer to work out with once or twice a week so you’re splitting the cost, as well as keeping each other motivated at every session.


We could go on and on about all these things that you should do to live a healthier life and to look and feel good on the inside and out, but none of that will matter if you don’t look after yourself. Gill says to remember to drink lots of water, get a really good sleep every night and to try and eat at regular times. These three things will help to speed up your metabolism so that all of your hard work pays of in the end.  And on top of that, have fun with it. Get out there and enjoy yourself. Go for a sunset jog and enjoy the view, or check out one of Perth’s beautiful national parks by going for a climb. And last but not least, our favourite piece of advice, don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then. There’s no point in any of it if you’re not enjoying yourself, so reward yourself every now and then with a little bit of organic chocolate or maybe some frozen natural yoghurt with fresh fruits.


So when it comes to getting fit this summer, get excited! Come on down to Peaches for all the freshest ingredients to get you started, and the rest is up to you! Get on out there, check out what awesome classes the city has to offer, and get adventurous. Getting fit doesn’t have to be boring and the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be feeling the best you ever have!