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The Vegan Life

Long considered to be a life resigned to rabbit food, the vegan lifestyle is one of the most popular new ways of living being adopted by people all around Perth. Not only is it great for the environment, it is also amazing for your body.

Going Organic

When you think ‘organic’ what comes to mind? Words like ‘healthy’, ‘natural’ or ‘chemical free’ might spring into your head.

Kale 101 – Everything you need to know about this superfood.

Kale, chances are you’ve heard about this trending green vegetable on your favourite #cleaneating Instagrams, in your local organic supermarkets, or from that friend of yours who’s extremely strict diet puts yours to shame. While we’re not so much about the restrictive diet, we do love kale and all of its magical health benefits. And […]

Product of the Month: The Sugarless Bakery

When the sugar cravings hit in winter, it’s not unusual to indulge in sweet treats. They seem to creep their way into our pantries and diets despite the fact we know they aren’t so good for our waistline or teeth. But never fear – because The Sugarless Bakery has come up with a way we […]

Product of the Month: Udder Delights Cheese

Here at Peaches, our Product of the Month for August is Udder Delights Cheese! We’ve brought this delicious range of cheeses all the way from South Australia to add to the vast range of Fremantle options and give you another option for cheese. Whether you’re into cheese platters at parties, a bit of crackers and […]

How to Prep a Meal Like a Master

When life gets hectic, and you find yourself trying to fit in half a million things into an impossibly small window of time, it becomes a real struggle to prepare healthy and nutritious meals without having to sacrifice other things. A shortcut for many is a quick trip to a fast food joint, and we […]

Product of the month: Brookfarm

The number one quality that takes your meals to the next level is passion. Our product of the month is Brookfarm – a family business with a focus on good, slow food. Brookfarm is one of Australia’s leading producers of premium quality macadamia products. The story begins with Pam and Martin Brook’s dream to move […]

Your definitive afternoon snack guide

It’s winter – we all crave tasty comfort food and find it tough to strike the balance between healthy and delicious. And those with kids know the struggles of finding the perfect after school and holiday snacks to keep the young ones happy without compromising on nutrition. So here we go – your guide to […]

Surviving Winter with Soup!

Winter is here and it’s the perfect time to enjoy warming up with a delicious bowl of soup. As soups are vegetable-based, they are a great way to ensure you’re getting much-needed vitamins and minerals over winter. Soups also have high water content and are often very low-calorie so they leave you feeling full without […]